четверг, 17 декабря 2015 г.

Smokers and consumers experience the same pleasure

What has helped me to overcome this psychological barrier and to understand the truth? And that created a barrier at all? Nicotine and the usual hunger is the same unpleasant sinking feeling of emptiness. Smokers and consumers experience the same pleasure, satisfy his hunger.
However, the similarities between smoking and nutrition - only the appearance. In fact, they are completely opposite nature. With smoking related lust inextricably poison, which eventually will kill you if you do not win it, but the food - craving food needed to sustain life. The process of absorption of food is not only delivers a genuine pleasure, but also satisfies hunger, while quenching thirst nicotine is inhaled smoke disgusting, its penetration into the lungs, each cigarette does not quench the thirst, but strengthens it.
The problem was seen primarily in the fact that completely give up eating impossible. No wonder I thought his method unsuitable for two apparently similar but actually quite different activities.
That was my main mistake - I compared the diet with smoking. But the food - it's not a disaster, but a wonderful, very pleasant pastime available to us throughout life. If I was to be with something to compare smoking, it is only with the same harmful, destructive way to kill time as

Binge eating!

I never considered the processes of food and eating separately, in isolation from each other. For me it was simply extrapolating overeating food - probably because I liked to eat. Ironically, smokers are convinced that the root of their problems - love the process of smoking. But in fact, they are mistaken. They only think that they like to smoke - because, when faced with the ban on smoking, they feel miserable and deprived. Similarly, people who are prone to overeating, are convinced that their problem is that they too love to eat. But even if you feel miserable and deprived because you are not allowed to eat, it does not mean that you like to overeat.
People love to eat, but do not overeat. From overeating and indigestion there first heartburn, feeling bloated, lethargy and apathy, and eventually - excess fat, psychological and physical discomfort.
At overeating is another serious drawback. Remorse and other emotional suffering nullify all the pleasure that delivers food.

Most of my life I took for granted banal statements

Exercise willpower is not required I set a goal to invent EASY way to lose weight? No! And just did not try to develop an easy way to quit smoking. On the contrary, I learned how to get rid of nicotine addiction, when he resigned to the fact that he would never get rid of it is not. I confess frankly, like many other great discoveries, the main role is played by luck rather than my talents and abilities. And I figured that either have problems of excess weight as an easy solution, someone would have found it long ago. His luck I took as a prize in a lottery. If you won once - you incredibly lucky, but expect the second prize - a hopeless stupidity!

So how do I find a way to keep your weight? Largely due to the natural development of the ideas that led to the problem of smoking. Most of my life I took for granted banal statements about smoking. And I did not occur to them to question - for example, that smokers smoke because they felt like it, they like the taste of tobacco smoking - just a habit. No need to be Sherlock Holmes to reveal the absurdity of these statements. Small enough introspection.

Freed from the faith in a supposedly true facts, I discovered that doubt everything that is related to smoking, eating habits and so on.We were subjected to indoctrination, brainwashing - and society in general, and doctors, and other people from medicine (nutritionists in particular). We are led to believe is clearly absurd myths relating to eating habits, and in most cases diametrically opposite the real facts. Dr. Bray, author of the foreword to this book, at first surprised to learn that I have no medical training. And he is not alone. But I soon realized that this lack of knowledge in medicine, not only was a huge plus for me to work with smokers, but also gave me the same advantages in the search for solution to the problem of excess weight.

 Doctor focuses on the physical harm caused by smoking and poor diet, but smokers and owners of overweight smoke and overeat not because these classes are able to destroy them - just as a prisoner of war does not stick out in the camp specifically to spoil their own health . The only effective solution - eliminate the reasons that cause us to smoke or overeat. This is my method. The lack of medical training gives me yet another distinct advantage. I do not need to keep an eye on you from above, nor to use the medical terminology or flaunting of scientific knowledge. I am the same as you. I was in your position, tormented by the same doubts as annoyed as you are. You will not need any willpower or positive thinking.

But the solution is different so simple and obvious that you, like me, surprised, wondering how you could be fooled for so many years. Three facts helped me to realize that the problem of weight maintenance can be solved as easily and simply as a problem of smoking - it is only necessary to understand what its essence. Firstly, I abandoned the belief that the fight against excess weight, my technique is not good. Why I took that in the case of weight loss, it is not effective? The fundamental rule to combat smoking is to quit it completely easy, but to reduce or strictly metered consumption of nicotine required incredible willpower and self-discipline. If we apply this principle to food, very soon you will decide not only the problem of excess weight, but also all of their difficulties at once.